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How do we rate the watch

The evaluation of the watch is necessary to determine the correct cost of your model itself.

TimeCity assistants have extensive experience in evaluating luxury watches, so our clients can be confident in the objectivity and fairness of this procedure.

Highlights when evaluating a pre-owned watch:

  1. Appearance. Our specialist will evaluate the appearance, and the service center will give an opinion on the technical condition of your watch. The condition of your watch will primarily affect its final cost. You can use our full-service service (repassage) to give your watch its original appearance — this will increase the attractiveness of the model for a potential customer.

  2. Manufacturer and model.

  3. The type of movement and the technical complexity of the model.

  4. Case material, bracelet. Are there any precious stones in the decoration of the watch.

  5. Date of manufacture and purchase.

  6. Availability of documents and original packaging. The estimated value will increase if the product passport, receipt, international warranty with the date of sale and other related documents are preserved.

When evaluating watches, in addition to our own experience, we also focus on data from international online platforms specializing in the sale of certified pre-owned.