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"Repassage" Service Center

"Repassage" is an authorized by Swiss manufacturers watch service center. It is located in Minsk, on Internatsionalnaya str. 4, +37544 568–77–77

Service center "Repassage" is the official warranty center for the Swiss watch brands represented in the boutique "TimeCity" and "SwissTime" chain stores. Our address is listed on the official websites of Swiss watch manufacturers.

  • Оборудование сервисного центра "Репассаж"
  • Сервисный центр "Репассаж"
  • Часовой сервисный центр «Репассаж»
  • Профилактика механизма в сервисный центр «Репассаж»
  • Профилактика механизма в сервисный центр
  • Мастера сервисного центра «Репассаж»

"Repassage" service center repairs watches in strict accordance with international standards using the modern equipment, technologies and spare parts from the manufacturer. By contacting our service center, you can be sure that a highly qualified master trained in Switzerland will work with your watch. He will not only repair your watch, but also tell you about its features and how to prolong its life.

Why choose "Repassage"?

  • Diagnostics
    The watchmaker carefully examines your watch, with the help of modern diagnostic equipment conducts testing on the main parameters of the movement functioning, finds technical malfunctions and gives a conclusion.
  • Watch maintenance
    Based on the diagnosis, the watchmaker performs full or partial service of your watch in strict accordance with the manufacturer's requirements.
  • Polishing
    In the service center there is a professional polishing workshop. Polishing is an extremely important stage of maintenance, which returns the watch to its original appearance. The master polisher processes all facets of the case and the bracelet manually, and then proceeds to finish polishing on a grinder, consistently changing abrasive pastes and circles.
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  • Quality control
    After the completion of the service works, each watch goes through a quality control procedure. Our specialists test watches according to different parameters in accordance with the standards of brands. After successful testing, the watch receives a service center warranty.


  • WITSCHI Watch Expert IV
  • Микроскоп A.KRÜSS Optronic
  • WITSCHI New Tech Handy II
  • BERGEON 5700
  • ELMA Elmasolvex RM 9
  • Elmasonic Select 80
  • Elmasteam 8
  • Полировальный аппарат Poliret Reitel
  • ELMA Antimag
  • Потанс BERGEON 5285-D 9
  • Токарный станок Vector 322-211
  • BERGEON 5555/10