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Nothing lasts forever, no matter how carefully it is treated. This applies to everything around us, including our cherished watches. Over time, wear and tear cause the watch case and bracelet to develop micro-scratches, scratches, nicks, and chips. However, polishing your watch is an effective way to restore its original, spotless appearance.


Disassembling the watch case

Before the watch is polished, the watchmaker disassembles it completely, removing the movement, glass, case back, bezel, and gaskets.


Hand Polishing

A skilled polisher uses a variety of abrasives to manually eliminate chips, dents, nicks, and visible scratches.


Machine Polishing

After removing major surface defects, the craftsman uses a polishing machine to polish the case. Using various abrasive pastes and wheels in succession, he achieves the desired finish. The case and bracelet are polished with both a grinding machine and a polishing machine to obtain a perfect result. Watch polishing is performed on the professional German equipment, Poliret Reitel.


Ultrasonic washing

After polishing, the watch undergoes a thorough cleaning process using a specialized solution in an ultrasonic washer. This step effectively removes any remaining metal debris or abrasive materials.


Assembling the case

Final stage. The watchmaker assembles the case and if necessary change parts (glass, buttons, futor, gaskets, etc.).


Water resistance test

Check the watch for leaks according to WR standards up to WR-200.